Year Five- Testing

I don't understand why I have to go through this. 

I'm just as smart as all my friends.

They say it has something to do with when I was born.

They say it will be hard for me in the future.

They sit me in a chair. I can already see the pile of flashcards. I don't want to be here. It's really stressful, like the time they asked me to read before. Only this is easy. Of course I know how to read 'cat'! I hope this is not what first grade is like. I hate oversized flashcards with unrealistic colorful cartoons. They're so boring. I don't want to take kindergarten all over again. 

Only I'll miss Amelia.

She's my best friend. We had a couple of play dates before. She has hermit crabs too...definitely a plus. Only she likes to play Harry Potter. I don't even know who Harry Potter is...

I think I'll like first grade...

Just as long as they don't make me read boring flashcards. I want to read books.

The End

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