Year Two- Big mountains, big hands and Vegemite.

The carrier was green. Bouncing with every step, I watched as we slowly moved into the thick. My father's hair had a certain smell to it, and his shoulders had a distinguishable boniness. I didn't like to be in the carrier; there was not enough room to move, and the ride was bumpy and rough. However, it required little energy and if I didn't focus on anything, I could fall asleep.

We reached the top of the mountain. We were really high, and the whole world seemed to be under us. My little sister started crying. She didn't like the carrier either apparently. Hers was a dark shade of faded blue. Daddy took pictures while Mommy calmed my little sister down. Lisa took pictures too, and sometimes would point her camera at me. I was too tired to smile. Hiking was tough.

I got hoisted back onto my dad's back. That was always the scary part. After that, it was another bumpy ride down the mountain. I fell asleep again.

After I woke up, they took me out of the carrier so I could walk. Lisa held my hand. She had large hands, and had to bend down a little to accommodate me. I could walk fine, it was just that the dirt trail was rough and unstable. There was a bend in the trail and it wound around a big log. The trees were green too; green like my carrier.


After the long hike we went to Lisa's house. She served us Vegemite on toast, spreading the brown stuff over lightly toasted white bread with those big, nimble fingers. I loved her hands. I loved the salty taste of Vegemite on toast.

The End

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