Year Two- Babies, Beads and Yoda

This is just a collection of memories. I've read some pieces like this done by other authors, and since a lot of what I write is inspired by my life, I decided to give it a try.

Breathe deeply. Please. I want to ride your stomach like a roller coaster. I've never been on a roller coaster, but I imagine it would be something like this. I want to have fun sitting on your stomach. This is not fun.


Pink plastic beads. They tangle in my hands. I got bored simply having them around my neck. I suppose this is more fun. It's in a knot now. Mom and Dad can't know. If I pull on it, the knot will go away. The knot's just getting bigger! If Mommy finds out, I'll be in big trouble. I have to figure this out on my own, somewhere where they won't see me. They won't find me in Mommy's room. This is just getting so frustrating! I will figure this out! I can fix it!

I can't fix it. I broke it. 

Daddy fix it.


I have a baby sister. Mommy let me hold her today. She was heavy in my lap; heavier than my baby dolls. Too heavy. I like looking at her though. She has a weird face, all scrunched up and tiny. We will be best friends.


The dream was scary.

I was being chased by monsters. Lots of monsters. They were all different colors and fuzzy like the ones on Sesame Street. The scary alien named Yoda was leading them. They were running after me up the apartment stairs. I waited for them in my house, behind the safety of the door, but there were lots of them. They banged on the door really loud, but I didn't go to answer it.


I saw my friend at the library today. She was with her mother in the kids section on the top of the little circular platform. Our moms talked.

The End

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