The First World War

They fell in love in summer
In a flower covered field
And married on a winters day
thinking happiness would last forever

But war swept over Britains land
And turned the summers grey
So he stepped out and joined the ranks
to protect the girl he loved

To France, he wen, to battle on
in rain and wind and bombs
But in the letters he sent to her
there was no mention of the bad.

"Ill see you soon."he wrote to her
"Just you wait and see.
I'll be back by christmas time.
We will win this war quickly."

But Christmas came and christmas went
And the boys letters stopped arriving at her door
But each morning, she rushed out
To see the postman, filled with hope.

The postmans face gave it away
as he gave her a small, sad smile
and handed her the letter with unknown writing
and her tears started to fall.

"Miss, I regret to inform you
Your husband, my friend, is gone.
He fought bravely, strongly, till the end.
But he went over the top, and he was shot."

The girls dream of happiness forever
was dashed, with his life cut short
But she was not alone in this...
...For a generation of young men were lost.

The End

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