My one true fear: butterflies.

I’ve always been afraid of butterflies. The way they move, I know it should make me open my mouth in awe as their delicate wings carry them clumsily through the air, but I don’t think like that. Their colours, yes, they can be very beautiful, but if they are never still enough to let us get close enough to see the intricate detailing, what's the point? They have no purpose in life. I once heard butterflies glorify God. It shows how God can do anything he created everything for His glory and He can do whatever He pleases with it... but I don’t know. To me, they have no purpose.

What would our lives be like without butterflies though? Think, these are the creatures that young children look to for inspiration: If a little butterfly can fly, I can too. They love the shapes on their wings, the colours blended together in a magnificent array of colour. But I don’t think like that. I know butterflies don’t have colours. It’s just the light refracted in their tiny scales. The way they lie about the colours is not the reason I don’t like them though.

They just scare me. It scares me that even this one little thing, with wings so large and bodies so little, could fly as free as a bird. They seem to intimidate me, the way they sometimes will fly fast towards you in their seemingly drunk way then swerve at the last minute. Why do they do that? I don’t understand butterflies... but I guess that’s just me.

The End

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