my little siblings are good teachers or did they learn it all from me. 0=)

I don't know why they let me go in the first place.

She says she forgets if she's at school or at work like it's a bad thing.

see I know they're going to miss me and they are going to either have to offer counseling to those grieving coworkers/managers because my loss is that traumatic and/or have to go through the process of rehiring me then I can bug everyone again. I don't know why they let me go in the first place. At least I'll keep HR busy. Robyn is nice I like her.

but but I can be employed with Cabelas for a long time too. just you watch. And I can do what she does too.

maybe one day we'll all look back on this and laugh. I've already reached that point. =)

they're all siding with her because she's been there longer (the older one).

If they don't like my humor I don't wanna work there anyway. so humph!

disclaimer: no it's not real. :/ it's worded this way deliberately because my little siblings taught me about the ways the world should work (according to them.) little kid logic is kinda fun actually.

I'm a real piece of work alright =D (that's a good thing, right? ;) )

The End

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