Busy bees...Mature

...have you ever stopped and taken a look at how trapped and depreciated we have become, to ourselves and to eachother...?

Remember how we were taught in school all about the industrial revolution and how the bigger and better inventions that sprang from and after it were to make life easier, make work less necessary and create more "free" time..?
(it did work that way, for awhile...)

Well what happened?

Have you ever stopped and really thought about why, after so much technological achievement, all the breakthrough, amazing and wonderous marvels of engineering and what have you...
Have you ever wondered why, after all of that, do we actually work MORE and usually even HARDER than we should in the midst of all this "modern", cutting edge high technology? These ARE "modern times" are they not...?

It's fucking staggering...

It seemingly makes no sense, at first...
Until you stop to consider why all of these high tech wonders, that we believe make life so much "easier" for us, "better" for us (perhaps even more "comfortable"), are the reason that we're working 40+ hours a week at full time jobs that swallow our time, effort and life force.

We have become imprisoned by the very things that we had created to set us free  from the 9 to 5, work for boss, slave labor doom machine.

And now those things that we hold so dear that we simply cannot imagine doing without, our cars, our smart phones, luxory apartments along with the legally binding contracts attached to them (hell, even eachother sometimes) are what keep us locked into the ever flowing, never ending, miles and miles and miles long rat race. The clock is ticking and everyone's waiting to wake up from a nightmare that we keep hoping someone else will wake us up from, but there is NO one else because we are ALL in an unconscious state.

The next time you're sitting in your car in traffic trying to get somewhere, take a look around and ask yourself, where does this fn idiot line end?
It doesn't...
It gets bigger and more convoluted, noisier, more claustrophobic, deadlier, more complicated and more stressful, every fucking day...

Do you know why?
Because someone WANTS you to be there. Someone NEEDS you to be there, making shit happen for them.
You, on your way to continuing to make THEM rich, powerful and elite...
And everytime a new baby is born it's time to get him/her caught up to how we do shit around here, so that THEY can join the party too.
Welcome to the insane asylum little one... (no wonder we come out crying...)
This is absolutely fucking nuts...

This is probably the greatest invention a devious madman ever came up with.
Our way of life keeps people busy and the cogs in the machine turning and turning.
Not OUR machine, just the one that we THINK is ours, that we operate within but only get to enjoy oh, maybe less than half the time, not including when we are sleeping, that doesn't count...

These are busy times. People are busy. Busy doing busy work.
Busy with their phones, computers, online dating, offline waiting, buying TEN just so we can get ONE free. Working hard to get to payday, so we can start this shit all over again tomorrow...
People are too busy to actually BE real people.
It's all a scam. It's a big business, money driver and everyone seems to be just fine with their little, part-time, dilapidated slice of the pie that doesn't even have a taste anymore.
It's just "how things are"...

Look around, do we not function in a "beehive", social order?
(make the honey, give it up to someone else, then go back to your cell...)
Do we not, "live" in "apart"-ments? Being apart, it's the new social norm...
And i say "live" in quotations because we're only in these places that we "live" in like what, maybe HALF the time?
The rest of our time is spent working to pay for the space, sleeping in it and then feeding ourselves to continue to exist on the physical plane. Do the math...

Lots of people work in cubicles, with dividers, wait in traffic with LOTS of other people, but stuck in traffic in little, plastic, metal and glass coffins on wheels.
When i had a car, i could swear i was dying in it more than i was getting back and forth to "live" my fuckin' life.
Was i crazy? NO.
Are you crazy for agreeing with me?
Hell no.

The only thing that IS crazy, is sitting there doing the same thing day in and day out, and hoping that it will change all by itself (it won't).

It's the very definition of insanity.

It's crazy shit. These are crazy times. I'm not out to change things.
I'm not a monster, i'm just an objective spectator...
It's up to everyone to change things for themselves.
I know i'm preaching to the choir sometimes.
But it needs to be said.
It can't be forgotten, because you know what happens when you forget....?
You end up becoming just another victim, another statistic.
You end up getting MARRIED again.

The End

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