My mother was overjoyed when she learned I was awake. If it wasn't for her last bit of dignity, she would of started bowing down to Dr. Colemeen as if he was a god. Even though all he did was tend to my minor injuries and had kept a good eye on me along with my worried parents.

Dad however, couldn't stop smiling. I bet he was thinking I had learned a life lesson, thinking since I almost died, I would be looking at life with a new preceptive; but the weird thing is I don't. All I feel is the same I felt before. Annoyed, pathetic, and tired. However there was no way I was going to tell him that!

After a quick examination, Dr. Colemeen started asking some thought provoking questions.

“So, Schuler. Do you remember anything that had happened during the accident?” he asked gently. He probably was thinking I was about to burst into tears from the sudden blow of realization. He obliviously doesn't know me well enough. “ I don't remember.” I said bluntly.

I quickly looked over Dr. Colemeen's features- With wispy grey hair that clutches to his balding head, equally grey eyes that show no hint of emotion and an abnormally large nose, he seemed like anyother old geezer.

Dr. Colemeen sighed deeply, looking up at the stained ceiling above us. “ Could you please try for me. Us?” He gestured to the rest of the people in the room, Mom, Dad, and the nurse. I shrugged. I could see his tolerance thinning before me, my favorite part. Annoying strangers to hell.

“Oh shy, just answer the doctor.” Dad muttered. I looked up from my fidgeting hands to see dad scowling. Weird.

“Okay, well I'll try...”

I shut my eyes and thought back to the day... D. D wouldn't shut up about how she was so excited for the party, but I lost interest fast and allowed to wander off into thinking. I then notice Ms. Lockhart and Hank...

My eyes bolted open with pain. My heart squeezed tightly and it began to get hard to breath. Lockhart, and Hank. Dead outside.

Visions of the scene flashed before my eyes. Screams and crashes suddenly filled my head.

Help me...

I  began to shake uncontrollably, my eyes staring at nothing. Everyone was at my side instantaneously, yelling out random words of worriment.

After a few moments of this, I had settled down to gasping for air. Mom patted my head over and over again while Dad stared at me with shock. “ Do you remember?” Dr. Colemeen finally asks.

I then told him everything, with tear stained cheeks and tremberling lips.

The End

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