Bus Crash

What seems like a normal day for Schuler Rain turns out to be a wreck.

“I can’t wait for our party! I mean, swimming all day? That’s like, totally boss…” D.D (short for Diana Den) kept yammering on about it. I just sat there by the cool window, nodding my head along as I began to let my mind wander.

Today was the last day before spring break, the sun was shining and annoying blue jays were chirping. My class and my little sisters class were going swimming for the day.

Even though Amanda (my little sister) is a total pain, though she is quite popular in her class. I can see her now, chatting merrily with her “BFF’s”, soaking up all their glory as little grade sevens stared enviously at them.

In the front of the bus, there was Brooke and her friends.( The totally ass kissing queens of my grade. God I hate them.) They've set out to make my life miserable ever since second grade, just because I didn't follow their ignorant commands like everyone else.

Also in the front was Ms. Lockhart, my P.E teacher, who doesn’t look like one at all. She’s very young to be considered a teacher; almost 28, and if I do say so myself, she’s kind of pretty. She has nice red curls and long lashes that gently brush the top of her cheek when she looks down. But she’s very athletic. At the moment, she was chatting (and perhaps flirting) with the bus driver, Hank.

Hank sucks at driving, always chatting and showing up late. One time he even drove us to the wrong location and we ended up missing the whole thing! It’s kind of creepy watching them flirt like that, I mean, for goodness sakes! They’re supposed to be just teacher and bus driver guy. Adults appear to be getting weirder the more time I watch them.

D.D is suddenly yelling in my ear, taking me away from my mind babble.

“SCHULER ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?” I think I’m going to be temporarily deaf in my left ear.

Hank, Ms.Lockhart and half the class look our way with curious and annoyed expressions. “Diana and Sch-“ Ms.Lockhart didn’t get to finish. Because suddenly there was a high pitch scream of terror.

Brooke was now standing in the middle of the aisle, clutching onto the seat, probably so she wouldn’t faint from fright. “Look out!” she screamed at Hank. He quickly turned around to see a massive truck only meters away from us, about to collide!

He gripped the steering wheels tightly and turned the bus a hard left. Relief was only for a second. The next thing I saw before shutting my eyes tight and screaming my lungs out was us tipping over the edge of a hill. I held onto my seat as I heard kids falling out of theirs as we hit many large rocks .

We suddenly we're rolling down the hill. I felt D.D’s hands grab my arm and I felt her weight go flying up. She was about to hit the ceiling so I let one hand go and held onto her hand hoping she was alright.

I felt the bus going sideways, upside down then upright again before doing it allover . Screams where still being heard . I heard glass shattering and children’s bodies hitting the hard metal...


I woke up much later. I was twisted together with my own arms and legs, which I quickly unfolded. Warm liquid was slowly seeping down the side of my neck and along my right shoulder. And my head throbbed with shooting pains. I looked around and gasped.

We were up right again in the bus, but almost everyone unconscious… I think. Glass shards were lying still on the ground. Some metal parts were scattered around the bus.

“Hello?” I was able to choke out. No one answered. I stood up quickly only to trip over something hard and cold. I caught myself on the edge of an empty seat then looked to see who it was. It was D.D. And she wasn’t breathing. She laid in a pool of her life's blood, with one hand on our old seat.

“Diana?” I whispered reaching out to her. She didn’t even twitch. I felt a flood of grief for my once best friend, feeling her absense flood over me.

I walked slowly down the aisle, hoping over other people of my former classmates, a small lump formed in the middle of my thoart, and I was on the verge of crying when I gasped. Brooke was halfway through the window, her body looking very pale (except for the places there wasn’t any bright crimson).  I stood staring for a moment before continuing towards the exit.

I choked back a dry sob as I recognize my little sister dead. I didn’t dare think more of it but that I would have a lot of explaining to do when I got home.  Then I notice. Hank wasn’t in his seat and neither was Ms. Lockhart.

Yes! They were out looking for help. They must of have survived as well! I ran faster to the exit, jumping over the debris and bodies that were lying all over the place. I finally got to the door but it wouldn’t budge. So I took off one of Brooke’s high heeled boots and smashed open the door. The hole was small but I didn’t care. The hope I was feeling was so big I didn’t even have a second thought about my own injuries.

Then I saw. Hank and Lockhart lying on the ground outside of the bus. Dead.

The lump that was in my throat became bigger. I was alone. Injured and alone. (Aside from all the dead and damaged that surrounded me.) I stumbled on the ground, warm tears leaking down my cheek next to the almost dry blood. My heart started to beat fast. My breathing became short. I was fainting. No! I was going in shock!

I'm alone.

I couldn’t let the darkness take over me while I could get help. I tired to take a step but failed, ending up on my knees. It was too strong. I saw black spots in front of my eyes,  my breathing getting harder and harder to control,the pain in my head throbbing, taking care of my final thoughts. I didn’t know what to do, so I gave in.

Help me...

I fell onto the frigid ground. I didn't care about what was actually lying beneath me,

I just didn't care...


The last thing I remembered  was the blaring siren from a mighty red truck then nothing but the dark…

The End

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