Burning My Dreams

This is about a girl that was desperatly in love with a boy that didn't even know. When she finally gets her nerve up to ask him if he likes her back, he says no, and breaks her heart. She tries to move on, but he haunts the back of her mind, he's stuck in her head, and its driving her crazy. Then, she finds out he's in love with another girl, and she's determined to fix the way she feels.

I often long to hear your voice, for you to call my name. But, as it seems that it will never happen, I'll just burn my dreams. My pain isn't worth seeing you, laughing, happy with her.

I'm alone and depressed. Life just keeps bringing me down. Don't know whatever happened to the possibility of us. I once thought we'd be perfect together, but I was so off-base.

I'm burning my dreams now. Desperatly trying to get you out of my head.

The End

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