Content's Journey

The last thing you will need to do before you build your web funnel is to decide where you want your content to end up. Think of your content as going on a long journey. It will need to start somewhere, such as on the web, or perhaps printed in a newsletter, but as it evolves it will eventually need to stop somewhere. What will that stopping point be?

Going back to the example that I gave at the beginning of this document, the columns I'm writing for Hartland Patch could very well be re-printed in some kind of collection. A book, perhaps? I wouldn't honestly count on it, but that would at least be a good place for the content to go.

Your content's journey will be easier to map out as you begin to understand your audience better. Something that I think about a lot is the different ways that my audiences will be consuming the content. These days, the majority of people are viewing information via the web, but there are still those whole rely on good ole paper. These are the kinds of people who probably would appreciate a bound, printed collection of my column once a few more months have gone by. They are least likely to have read my columns when they were originally published on the Hartland Patch.

The journey could also involve the way in which your content is packaged, refined, and re-packaged. I'm reminded of the different ways that music is packaged into albums. How often has your favorite song been repackaged as a part of a single, a best-of collection, a compilation, a music soundtrack, etc? My theory is that content could very well be packaged in the same way.

This leads to the idea of "micro content." This means that the parts of a completed document--such as a the articles or sidebars inside a newsletter issue--could be separated out and repackaged as a part of an entirely different publication. Now, maybe they appear in an ebook, or maybe they are posted on your Facebook wall, but I guarantee that there are always lots of opportunities to recycle content.

The End

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