Build Your Web Funnel

In 1997 when I wrote my very first column for the Livingston Country Press, I was only responsible for one thing: writing the column. I'd write them, email them to the lifestyles editor, she'd edit them, they would show up in the paper, and I'd be paid my twenty-five dollars.

But, that was the old way.

When I write my current column, called "Where Are They Now?" and appearing on a bi-weekly basis on the Hartland Patch website, I'm not only responsible for composing the content but responding to readers' questions, and promoting each article on Facebook or Twitter.

It's not so much that I'm responsible for it, but in reality I know that I need to do it. The more exposure my column gets, the more readers which come to the site, and the more popular my work becomes. My column's fame translates into value for the site's editor.

There are so many more ways to deliver content nowadays that content management has gotten way more complicated than it ever was in the 1990's. The plus side is that writers can reach a much broader audience, and when they play their cards right their written work may never grow stale. The downside is that the burden of managing that content now falls upon the shoulders of the creator.

In this document I hope to talk about some ways in which you can spread your content out to difference audiences while efficiently keeping it under control.

The End

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