Episode 1: Welcome to the Big Easy

This is a Buffy RPG and everyone is welcome to play. Please read the Buffy RPG core rulebook and tell me about your character before joining. This is an AU (alternate universe) game with different characters.

New Orleans hasn't been the same since Katrina. It's still a city with some life to it, a city that breathes, but now, the air is heavy with anger and grief. Most of the humans have moved out of this place, except for the influx of Mexicans selling their "handmade" bobbling turtles and Dia de Los Muertos skulls and such. The ones that are left live in fear, because many of them have heard stories of what lurks in the shadows at night.

You can't trust the cops - they pretend they don't know about the evil concealed in the darkest corners of the city. Some of them are even on those damn vampires and demons' side. The others just know better than to get involved.

The End

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