Bruised Heart.

It seems were all alone right now. Everyone around us is at the each of falling in love for their very first time and were just left on the sidelines feeling happy yet sad.

Were feeling exited for them, pround and we cheer them on from the sidelines. But a dark part of us, locked within the contours of our hearts is cursing them. Cursing them to the depths of hell because they became happy and left us to wither away by ourselves.

If your like me, and stand on the sidelines and admire the pleasant mood of your love-struck friends, then you'll understand the darkness.

It's nothing at the begging. Just a faint shadow, cast on a side of your heart, chanting gentle, but crule names at your lucky friends. But, the more you wait for them to be returned to you, the larger that shadow grows. Born from loneliness and jelousy.

And when they don't return to your side. You feel twisted and angry. Someone stole them away. You can still have friends at your side. But thats not enough when the others have been stolen. It's not fair.

Life's not fair when their missing.

And when you admire someone yourself, and you silently watch over them. Amiring them from afar. They will be stolen away from your sight also.

I'm not trying to say you should be mad at people who find love. Just don't let them be stolen away for you'll regret it. Don't let them be removed from your side or you'll have a bruised heart.


The End

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