Brother in the Mail

I know he's not with me, but he's out there. Somewhere...

I have a brother that no one remembers,

A brother that only I seem to recall.

My parents don't talk about him any more,

As if he never existed at all.

But I have his letters.

The ones he sent me when he was away.

There are no pictures of him.

But I have the words he wanted to say.

His dreams of being free.

Being able to drive.

He says he's bored all the time.

Misses being alive.

He's not really dead.

Or I think so.

He wasn't the last time I checked,

But I wouldn't know,

Because I'm the only one that tries to remember.

No one wants to remember who they chose over me.

They don't want to accept their mistakes.

So they shut their eyes so they wouldn't have to see.

Don't get me wrong,

He hurt me too.

But I don't want to be blind

Like they chose to do.

I won't forget, the memories will prevail.

Because I have a brother.

Even if it was through the mail.

The End

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