Brokenness of an Innocent Heart

                 There once was a young man who was the age of 20 who had his whole life ahead of him. Three years before this story began the young man had met this really cute young woman who was at the age of 16 at his school during his lunch period. The young 17 year old man decided to buy the young woman lunch and attempt to become friends, and as fate would have it, they became even more than mere friends. One month before this next section took place, the young man took the young woman out to dinner at her favorite restaurant and before the night came to a closure, he proposed to her. ""Yes!!" Was the girls answer, little did the boy know that his entire life would change one month from the night he proposed to the young woman.

                Thursday night 3o days after the man had proposed to the young woman, she told him to go ahead and return home. Now this wasn't the first time she'd asked this of him, in fact, this had been going on for the past four weeks. So the young man said goodnight, gave his girlfriend a goodnight kiss, then he left. He decided to wait in the downstairs lobby  for the clock to strike midnight so that he may return to the woman's apartment room and see for himself if she was truly asleep. He sat in the Lobby for 30 minutes and in those 30 minutes another man walked by, he was around the same age as the girlfriend, but the young man didn't pay much attention to the other man who went by. After the 30 minutes were up, the young man went up to his girlfriends room , swiped the extra cardkey his girlfriend had given him a few months back, and opened the door to her room to see for himself if she was asleep.What he saw would scar him forever, his girlfriend wasn't asleep instead she was very much awake, and the other man from the Lobby was in her bed with her while the woman rocked back and forth upon him. The young man was speechless, he simply closed the door and went home while he fought to retain the tears threatening to break free.

            Friday morning his girlfriend came to his house to see him and she acted all lovey dovey, yet he remembered what he saw the night before. He simply spoke four words in a mere whisper
"You cheated on me"
His girlfriends eyes widened and she tensed up, for he had discovered her secret. "Okay, I cheated on you" she admitted a bit all to casually.
"For how long?" asked the hurting man, clearly his heart was breaking when he asked this.
"The whole time you and I were dating" replied the young woman without remorse,
"The only reason I dated you was because I felt sorry for you, you just don't have what it takes to please a girls wants and desires, you couldn't even please the smallest of my desires." The woman spoke casually but with a harsh tone in her voice.


           The young man upon hearing this, took a step backwards like he'd just been slapped in the face by a brick, he'd done everything he possibly could to please her, he'd spent his whole life trying to make her happy. His girlfriend looked him in the eye and shrugged her shoulders
"Now you know. It's over, I never loved you alot anyway..ha, who am I kidding..I NEVER loved you." The girl gestured towards her Honda Civic as if she expected the other man to spontaniously appear, "He's known me longer and does a better job of satisfying my desires." With those words out into the cold air, she turned around and walked off, but before she reached her Civic she turned back around and added one more thing ingredient to the young mans already dying heart.
"By the way, here's your ring back, it's pretty and all, but the ring he gave me is much MUCH more beautiful then the one you gave me, yours looks like a piece of crap compared to his." And with that she got in her Civic and drove off into the distance. The man dropped to his knees and slammed his fists down to slap the sidewalks face and broke down in relentless tears.

             As the weekend commenced and progressed, no one heard from the young man. So on Monday his best friend came to see where the man had been, all he found was the young brokenhearted man sprawled lifelessly on his couch. He had drank himself to death because he was so brokenhearted, he had loved that woman more than anyone or anything in the entire world, but she never loved him back, she had tricked him and made him think she loved him. So he simply ended his life so he'd never have to deal with another broken heart again, and you know what else? The girl didn't even bat an eye at the boys' suicide, she didn't even care.

All in all,The Woman had broken an innocent Man heart...

The End

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