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Breaking news out of our nations Capitol today, a peace treaty was signed between none other than dogs and cats. The treaty, which was ushered in ahead of the impending snow storm, calls for a temporary stay on all hostilities between the two species. The treaty also paves the way for dogs and cats to immediately begin living together for mutual advantage.
The architect of the deal, Texas senator Ted Cruz, was applauded by republicans in both houses for his historical achievement. Senator Cruz stated solemnly that he hopes this new peace makes up for the ineptness of the Obama administration.
When word of the deal reached the White House, the president took a defensive stance, " The American people know that I have been trying to foster peace between dogs and cats since I became president, however, as is the case in Washington, the party on "No" has continued to thwart my policies"
Many political pundits praised the treaty, stating that senator Cruz is in the drivers seat to the presidency.
The treaty continues to boost feline popularity even as Americans absorb the news from last week when researchers discovered that catnip is an effective replacement for many street drugs. Addicts across America celebrated by rolling around on the floor and licking their hands.

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