Just a few things my enigmatic imagination has conjured in the wee hours of the night.

"Beneath the stars lay dawn; each vista battling for it's place in the limelight. Sunlight slowly, eventually, seeped its way through the horizon, a crepuscular light basking the landscape afar. With dawn's gentle touch the scene comes to life. A light glaze of morning dew wraps the earth below in beguiling beads enhanced by the break of day. Not to far off the meadow was a live oak. An overflowing cornucopia stems from it's trunk, the precious bounty inviting yet fruitless for those blinded by greed. Above, the even rows of white clouds folded like crests of waves on the empyreal blue. Songbirds swam in their weightless embrace to lands unknown and land creatures below grazed with a certain blissful ignorance; the latter I yearned to possess."

"Clenched within my guts was a strong fist of fear."

"His talons trembled with a wild pandiculation."

"Crepuscular fog rolled into the streets."

"I crave intimacy with the same burning degree I detest commitment."

The End

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