This vignette is about the experience a bowhunter goes through while hunting the whitetail deer. The reader will get to live this experience through the eye's of the hunter in a thrilling, heart pumping adventure.


By John Longnecker

As one sits fifteen feet closer to heaven, an abnormal smell rushes into their nostrils. The smell of a rutting buck can survive in a hunter’s mind as long as they live, filling their nose like the aroma of a skunk. One surveys the field of endless soybeans knowing a whitetail stalks slowly toward them. Brushing away the soybeans as if they weren’t even there, the buck leaves his path as he knocks away the beans.The hunter slowly begins to rise, finding the majestic beast through the sights of one’s bow. A thunderous beat pounds through the chest of the hunter. Graciously, the whitetail ceases it’s stride to stop and feed. One, hidden up in the tower of one’s fresh air, begins to tow back the string withholding an arrow. They take aim, knowing that another life was in their sights. The exhale of one’s breath freezes as it collides with the brisk fall night. With one’s exhale, they release an arrow. THWACK!! The beast stumbles off. An eruption of blood coming from behind it’s shoulder was like a volcano, spraying the beans around it. Vines snap, leaves crunch, and it all comes to an end with the thud of a falling body. The woods had never been so silent. One grew ecstatic, as emotions ran high. Surveying the beans, one finds the beast lying in the field. The buck’s stomach rising and descending slowly, until it takes one final breath. One made a clean, abrupt death for another life. Their hands grasp the metal ladder, sending a cold chill through the entire body as if they had jumped into an arctic ocean. Taking one’s time, he traces the blood stream till they see the white of the buck’s tines standing tall as it once did. The hunter, honoring the buck like all should, took a moment to gather one’s emotions and to let everything sink in. For God has given them the opportunity to take another’s life so they could provide for one’s family. As one kneels down, grasping the smooth antlers, they come across rugged spots of old fighting wounds. This buck was beat up but survived many fights and obviously showed his dominance. Now, the hunter finally claiming not just a trophy but meals to provide for one’s family and for the rest of nature’s creatures to feast. The sun begins to set as the sky stays lit like a fire burning above. A perfect ending to a night this bowhunter will never forget.

The End

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