What I do when I'm bored

  1. Go on facebook.
  2. Stalk people on facebook. 
  3. Look at random people's pictures on facebook.
  4. Go on youtube. 
  5. Watch the same music video over and over again/listen to the same song over and over again
  6. Talk to people on facebook/protag
  7. Watch glee/ the glee project online.
  8. Go on fanfiction.net and read endless glee fics.  
  9. Start writing a glee fic, get an idea for a different one, abandon the first one and start the second one, then end up abandoning the second one too.
  10. Search "Klaine" on deviant art and look through all the pictures. 
  11. Search "Darren Criss" on google and look at all the pictures/pick out a new profile picture. 
  12. Play "dress up" games or random games online
  13. Play nitrome games. 
  14. Watch tv
  15. Go on BBC iplayer/4OD and try and find something new and interesting to watch/watch misfits/doctor who/something else that I've seen countless times before
  16. Watch Darren Criss/ Chris Colfer interviews on youtube. 
  17. Watch the new videos from all my favorite youtubers
  18. Try and draw something but fail miserably most times
  19. Read. 
  20. Go to the library to look for new books and 9 out of ten times come back with something I've already read. 
  21. Sleep/Try to sleep
  22. Swing on my swing
  23. Daydream.
  24. Think about tidying my room but never get around to it. 
  25. Try, and fail to do homework/revision
  26. Annoy my sisters/friends 
  27. Write stories on protagonize. 
  28. Play random games like Angry birds or Tiny wings on my itouch
  29. Talk to people on Facebook chat.
  30. Refresh my news feed on facebook and read all the gossip. :L 
I am probably going to regret writing this, because I probably sound like some kind of weird stalker, but hey. Thats the truth :L 
The End

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