What to do, what to do

  1. Stare at the computer screen, though I have no new email or Protag notifications.
  2. Contemplate the nature of the universe (while waiting for Protag notifications or an email).
  3. Read something on my e-reader (currently filled with Protag stories I have not gotten around to or have not finished).
  4. Edit a few paragraphs of Masquerade, the greatest collab on the planet.
  5. Brainstorm the future of the Masquerade series (a lot).
  6. Watch my two year old son, Scotty, act like a two year old boy.
  7. Chase Scotty.
  8. Watch Netflix.
  9. Watch Hulu.
  10. Bring up the Authors Online screen on Protag (sometimes about every five mintues).
  11. Send messages to people on Protag, knowing some will reply quickly.
  12. Play Metropolis on Facebook.
  13. Make and post videos of Scotty and his younger sister, Gracie.
  14. Listen to an audio book on my iPod.
  15. Sleep.
  16. Mow the grass.
  17. Wash laundry.
  18. Go to the gym. (Not so much anymore, though)
  19. Call my brother, Bobby.
  20. Fret over all the things I could be doing.
The End

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