Things I Hope I'd Remember to Do the Next Time I was Bored

1. Say Hi to every friend I have on Facebook

2. Call my Mom or Dad and tell them I love them

3. Catch up with my siblings

4. Watch a movie I've seen at least once but can't remember how it ends

5. Go outside and take pictures of flowers, buildings, clouds, etc.

6. Take a walk

7. Listen to my favorite music album

8. Read a book I've never read

9. Read a book I have read numerous times

10. Clean out my memory card in my computer

11. Actually empty my recycling bin

12. Go to my local library and scream my head off in the bathroom

13. Check my mail box

14. Get some candy and a slushy at the gas station down the street

15. Go to the Mall

16. Reorganize my dresser full of clothes

17. Clean the stack of dishes in the sink

18. Clean the fridge

19. Surf the TV

20. Enjoy every moment of the day

The End

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