A list for a list

1) Make a list of all the things I want to do and just haven't gotten to. 
2) Do one of the things on the list and check it off with great satisfaction 
3) Decide I have done well and go outside for a smoke as a reward for accomplishing a task on my list. 
4) Contemplate how time consuming all the other things on my list are while outside smoking. 
5) Get tired thinking about all the things on my  list and how time consuming they are. 
6) Go inside and mess around on the computer for  half an hour because I deserve a break after working so hard on my list. 
7) Notice that an half an hour has passed by, extend time limit to two hours. 
8) Realize I have been on the computer for three hours and get slightly angry at myself for not working on my list.  Decide to take only five more minutes. 
9) Let another hour pass by, realize it and get really angry at myself. 
10) Look at my list again and revise the list removing some less meaningful tasks. 
11) Go outside for another smoke, refreshed knowing my list is ready. 
12) Think about how good it will feel to accomplish my list as I smoke. 
13) Get tired again, thinking about how daunting the list is. 
14) Make a pot of coffee to energize myself for tackling the list. 
15) Watch the coffee drip into the pot while thinking about the list. 
16) Drink a cup of coffee while watching a crappy movie from Netflix because I can't accomplish the list while drinking the coffee which will give me energy to tackle the list. 
17) Decide to have another cup of coffee while watching the crappy movie from Netflix, because... waste not want not. 
18) Loose track of how many cups of coffee I have drank while becoming weirdly enthralled with the crappy movie on Netflix. 
19) Spend an hour on the toilet because I drank too much coffee. 
20) Make a new list of things to accomplish tomorrow.

The End

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