Things that I do when I'm bored

  1. Go on Facebook
  2. Watch the music channels on Sky TV
  3. Watch Jeremy Kyle
  4. Clean my room
  5. Get distracted from cleaning my room when I find something I used to play with that I forgot I had, and start playing with it again.
  6. Play with my dog
  7. Annoy my dog while he's trying to sleep
  8. Throw my dog's toys at my dog
  9. Read a book
  10. Listen to music and dance around my room in front of the mirror
  11. Watch Merlin/Doctor Who
  12. Make lists of people who appear in both Merlin & Doctor Who, Merlin & Harry Potter or Doctor Who & Harry Potter
  13. Watch Glee online
  14. Watch at random videos on youtube
  15. Play 'Just Dance 2' on Nintendo Wii
  16. Plan an episode of one of my fave TV shows
  17. Look up and take random quizzes on the internet
  18. Plan an outfit for an event which is months away
  19. Look for cool stuff on the internet
  20. Stalk people on facebook


The End

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