Boredom List - Things to do when bored

Just a list of activities you can do on your wn or with friends when you're bored! Please add your own ideas in new chapters, preferably 20 or so points long

1.      Watch an old film

2.      Play really old games on old websites or board games

3.      Make a pet rock

4.      Plan or make a movie

5.      Finger painting

6.      Make jewellery

7.      Make art out of food or outside

8.      Create a costume from your favourite film/ TV show/ musical

9.      Learn a new song on an instrument

10.  Make a stick man comic book

11.  Make a sculpture from tin foil and cardboard boxes

12.  Blow bubbles and run around like a two year old

13.  Blend something in a blender

14.  Put together a tiny survival kit for either a zombie apocalypse, a house fire or flood, an earthquake or getting stuck on a deserted island

15.  Take photos and make them into a book that tells a story (like a comic…)

16.  Cook something

17.  If you have a helium balloon, breathe it in and sing a song on video and post it online

18.  Dye some sand using food colouring and pour it into a jar in cool patterns

19.  Make a doll’s house or a spaceship using a cardboard box

20.  Write a list of things to do when you’re bored

The End

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