Bookworm TV Weather Report

A Weather report based on the book "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs."

"Good Morning!.It is Martha Jenkins here with next week's weather.On Sunday,it's possible that it might snow an icecream sundae.So make sure you get your coats and boots out!Monday looks like a sticky day with icecream still fresh on the ground from the day before.Looks like a drizzle of chocolate fudge syrup then.So NEWS FOR    YOU KIDS:School's out !We are predicting that on Tuesday,an overturned pizza will cause a huge heat wave.It will scatter a few olives and pinapples here and there,so watch out people!And also,switch on your fans!As Wednesday comes in, a thunderstorm of lemonade will drive away the heat wave.Be sure to leave out your  pitchers and saucers guys.We assure you you will get a huge supply of lemonade.When Thursday glides in, a light breeze will blow in a few skittles. So kids leave your baskets out then.  When you go out there will be some candy  in there for you ! As friday rumbles in a thuderstorm of soda pop will come in. Good news kids we just received some news that after the thunderstorm is over there will be a flood. The sun will come out too. So you can go swimming in the flood. Whoo-hoo! Saturday's got the best weather. It will hail warm, soft brownies!   So get your mitten on , go outside and catch some brownies . Yum!

       That's it for today kids. Stay tuned for a super-fabulous movie called "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!


The End

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