The top 10 most annoying things I have ever found in a book

  1. When I am reading a book that's really good then something bad happens and you read really fast because you want to get to the end...and it's dreadful. Nothing gets resolved. And on the last page is and advert for a sequel. You've got to pay again to find out the end? No. 
  2. You get to the end, finally. And it's PERFECT. An unrealistic, stupid happy happy ending. Like Cathy Cassidy's Marshmallow Skye, which beforehand I was enjoying.
  3. Cliched plots. Obviously.
  4. Books with characters of only one gender. Like the Twins at St Clare's.
  5. Books with so much unnecessary words and paragraphs so it gets boring.
  6. Children's books about poo. Authors, you do realise they don't actually LIKE this stuff?
  7. Popular books of average quality when there are brilliant books just collecting dust on the shelf.
  8. Books that have offensive opinions, and they are not portrayed as wrong.
  9. Books that have virtually no storyline. To me My Name is Mina was a character development rather than a novel.
  10. When the villian is likeable. Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funk is the COMPLETE opposite, when the Adderhead died I literally jumped and danced with joy.
The End

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