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Interviews with Lost Changelings, by Gideon Ulf

Yosef L. Changeling of time, 19, College student, Quantum physics.

*Recording Begin*

Gideon: Good evening, Yosef, I'm glad you could spare the time. 

Yosef: I did not give or spare time, it is absolute.

G: Alright, as we already talked about before, I'd like to know how life is for Changelings such as you, how different you experience the world.

Y: There is no difference in living, only in knowing, understanding the illusion.

G: What illusion?

Y: There is no tomorrow nor is there a yesterday, time as humans see it is an illusion, everything is simultaneous. It links together not in the sequence it happens but in the context of what happen.

G: Could you elaborate, give an example on that?

Y: 1904, april 10th, Aiwass dictates the book of law to Aleister crowley, at the same time, in 1907, a young British girl aged six discover the truth, she become the youngest to understand, 'As above, so below, As below so above.' She doesn't know it yet, but she eventually becomes one of the most powerful mage in existence. Then, in ancient Greece, as he steps into the bath, Archimedes exclaims 'Eureka!' as he understands that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged.

This is one moment; the hour of discovery, it happens to everyone, sometimes earlier or later than others in the sequence they live events, but it is the same moment for all time is one. Time is not a line, nor is it a circle, it is a bubble. It moves, it flows in multiple directions simultaneously.

G: You've talked about the past, what about the future?

Y: The future is harder to see, every choice is made until it is made, all possibilities are true and happens until they do not.

G: Let's focus on me then.

Y: Two weeks from now, your daughter, Valerie, commits suicide, believing she isn't loved, she felt humiliated after being raped by her boyfriend and had no one to turn to, she feels dirty and abandoned. Her father is too busy working, her mother long dead, her friends says it's her fault...

But now you know. The parameters have changed. Once home, instead of ordering food and spending the night in the study, you find her in her room, crying silently. At first she resist but eventually she open up and you learn about what happened. 

Between family and work, you choose her and eventually she recovers, living for many more years before finding happiness. She dies at age 68 of pneumonia. Having outlived you by many years.

This is the current path, every variable introduced will change it. Do you see it now?

G: *after a moment of silence* You say she outlived me, how do I die in this scenario?

Y: The details change but the scenario remains similar in most cases. Your daughter is in college, following your footsteps, one night, however, something comes in and kills you. The murderer changes depending on the circumstances;

Her current boyfriend murders you out of vengeance for reporting him to the police, Men in Blacks enforce the pogrom against supernatural beings, A tear in the fabric of space lets an Archon through, who hunt you as food.  The end result is the same, upon the moment of death, your soul bloom, and you transcend existence, becoming one with the machine. 

This is your fate, it can be escaped, but doing so can alter many events and will lead to disaster. 

G: You're saying I have to die?

Y: Yes, and no. There is no death, only transformation, no endings only beginnings.

G: Is this how you see everything?

Y: Yes. Everything, every possibility, every link between things.

G: How about yourself, do you know what will happen to you? And if so, how exactly can you fail at anything.

Y: I know the result of every of my actions. If it will fail or not, and it sometimes will.

G: Can't you do something else if you know it will fail?

Y: I cannot know it will fail unless it can happen, if I choose not to do something, I cannot know how it will end.

G: Doesn't this take the notion of free will away?

Y: No, because every choice is already made, every choice have been made and happened. This is how it works, everything is real,  it has already happened, it is happening and it will happen at the same time. 

The End

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