Chapter 4: Daemons, Denizen of the other worldMature

The original page of the book was sadly lost to time but I've had my girlfriend, who specialize in summoning record something for us. -Nova

...Your girlfriend? -JC

Yes, my girlfriend, you've got a problem with that? -N

Not really. Is this where I make a joke about how lesbians are hot? Because that's kind of beneath me. -JC

Recorded from Camilla's lessons with her newest disciple.

Camilla: Alright, since this is recorded, we won't be using your name as this will go on the web. Nova's asked me to provide information about Daemons so here I am.

Girl novice: Daemon? You mean demons?

Cam: No. Daemons is a global term, it includes every spiritual beings between gods and men. Demons are a specific kind of these.

Girl: So what exactly is a daemon?

Cam: Spirits as they are also called come in many form. The most important thing to understand is that they are unlike humans not sentient or free willed.

Girl: Why? What does it mean?

C: Daemons are spiritual concepts given life, they are this concept and will act in accordance. They cannot choose what they do. Given a choice, they will do what their nature dictates without thinking.

G: What are the different types of spirits?

C: There are quite a few. The most common are angels, demons, conceptual, nature, animals, bygones and elementals.

G: Angels you mean like guys with wings and halos?

C: Not exactly, angels themselves, are the incarnations of virtues while demons are the incarnation of vices. They most often look nothing alike what you think of when you think angel.

G: What's a conceptual spirit? One that exist just in theory?

C: *Laughs* No, it means it is the spirit of an abstract idea. Such as Chaos and order, death, life, justice and et cetera... They're also called Genius.

G: I get nature and animals but what's a bygone?

C: It's the proper term for beings that existed but were kicked out of reality with the rise of rationalism. Minotaurs, dragons and gnomes are well known examples.

G: What about elementals? Fire, air, water and earth is that it? Also fire's a chemical reaction why is it an element?

C: Part of it. Elemental are materials or forces given life. Elementals of plastic, metal, radiation, sound and wood also exists. It's however important to note that Nature and elemental sometimes have similar beings such as Stone golems and Elementals. It's in their nature and purpose that they differ.

G: Ok... I think I understand. But how do we defend ourselves against them?

C: Force can be used if they are materialised or you are in the spirit world. But it will only disperse their essence, they'll reform eventually. The only way to destroy them for real is to make them break their nature. If a spirit goes against his very purpose, he will dissipate into nothingness.

G: Seems a lot easier to say than do...

C: It is. Most of the time, spirits aren't too much troubles so you don't need to do much against them. When they are, containment circles and fetishes are your best option against them.

G: *Snickers* Is that why you're alway in leather? To use your fetish.

C: Funny. I should smack you upside the head girl. But I'll explain instead as a nice teacher. A fetish is an object within which a spirit is or can be bound.

G: Oh...

C: Alright. I think we've covered what needed to be covered for now, let's get to something more practical. What do you think?

G: Awesome! 


The End

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