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A friend of mine has agreed to speak about dhampirs from their own point of view. Here is what he had to say. -JC

Being a dhampir isn't something that one become, like all other of my kind, we were subjected to vampiric blood in the womb during the first or second trimester of pregnancy. Most of the fetus that are don't survive since vampires are static by nature. I was born after 14 months of pregnancy, the time it took for me to be viable.

Childhood isn't easy either, our aging process is about twice as long that of normal humans, it's a little faster in the beginning but at adolescence it slows down. At twenty, I was about as developed as a 13 years old. I was fully mature around the early 30's.

Unlike vampires, we do not need to drink blood or hide from the sun although it remain in our instincts. We prefer nigh time and raw meat or blood over daylight and regular food. Feeding is very problematic for young children of my kind, regular foodstuff is hard to swallow and it's taste is bland to us. (Which is why most dhampirs I've met prefer very spicy, salty or sweet food.)

The powers that Dhampir posses are generally the same with minor differences depending on the vampiric blood ingested. Tepes tend to be able to do minor hypnosis, Lancea are stronger and faster, Orkloks have a connection with animals and generally look uglier. I've never heard of an Enochian or Jian-shi blooded Dhampirs.

One other thing to note is that unlike vampires who consume blood to fuel their abilities, dhampirs simply have a certain potency in their blood that does the same. However when a dhampir is out of 'blood' his actual physical amount of the same but is depleted of any power it normally bears. 

-Nathan B.

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