Chapter 2: The walking deadMature

Remaining in the subject of undeads, how about we talk about zombies, ghouls and all those nasties? -Tom

That's fine with me. Let's start with Zeds. I'll add a section with Canibal humanoids later. -Nova


Zombies can actually be split into three categories. We call them Rots, Shamblers and Servitors.


Rots are those old school zombie you see on TV, slow, shambling undead creatures that moans and consume the flesh of the living. While they aren't a problem alone, they often come in packs or horde.

The good news is that they're not infectious. They're just corpse animated by magic or science. Bad news is, unless they're automatons with a control device in their head, shooting it amounts to jack squat. You have to chop them limb to limb and then burn them.

If they're up cause of a necromancer, letting them in the sun for a bit will destroy them. The sun is god's light. It's a purifier. If they are techno-zombies, electromagnetic weaponry or magic would kick them dead.

-U. King, hunter and doctor.


Those you call shamblers (I call them Infecteds) are not undead, but failed government supersoldiers! They lost their mind and body in experiments and are only holding up due to the drugs!

They reverted to a basic mind, Eating is their only preoccupation. But that doesn't make them stupid, although they can be slow to catch on, they'll open doors, make ambushes and will avoid obstacles rather than standing in front of them impotently.

Bullet to the brain will kill these guys. Keep your distance, you don't want to be bitten or you'll get infected.

-Mr. Smith, anonymous survivalist and conspiracy theorist.

Hey Cam, where did you get this guy? -Tom

I worked with him on a job. He's nuts and deluded but some of his information are spot on. You just have to filter through it. -N

In reality, where shamblers come from exactly is unknown, hypothesis about their origins range from government project, curses, magical disease and brain parasites. 

I do not expect les Idiots to understand the ways of voodoo and of les invisible

Us Mambo and Houngan serve the loa with both hands. With what you call black and white magic. This is irrelevant to us. Our craft and duty require us to command the spirits and it is what we do.

Serviteur are our kind of zonbi. We create them as minions for our work. I cannot divulge my secret to les idiots but I can tell you one thing. Serviteur are alive but in a state of trance. Kill them like you would kill a man.

-Doc Chevalier, Haitian Houngan.

The End

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