Chapter 1: VampiresMature

Nov, want to start with the fangs? I've got a friend who can chimes in.-Tom

Sure, why not? Also, why are we talking via this book?

---Vampires / Blood Drinkers /Immortals /Nosferatu---

There's a lot that you have to know about the vampires, which we lovely call fangsters. (First, don't be friend with em. Second, avoid body contact and then, make sure what sort o' vampire it is. 

Five o' them are known, they're called Houses. 

House Enoch
House Lancea
House Tepes
House Orlok
House Jiang shi

All of them are nasties, all of them suck out your life but they all work differently. So you outta know which one it is to take em out. 

-Signed Magnota, vampire's worst nightmare and holy avenger.

Here are a few general tips when fighting vampires;

1-Bring sharp things, stakes and knives. Small caliber firearm shouldn't be used as they have very little effect. Shotguns and rifles though...
2-Bring fire or explosives, even if they can heal very quickly, they can't while burning or after being made into paste.
3-Don't kill bitten guys. the vampiric curse doesn't spread via bites, blood transfusion or anything but the one method to sire. It is not a disease but a curse.
4- If you do get bitten, it is safer to let the guy finish, since when he will remove his fangs, it will excrete a substance that will seal the wound. If you force him/her away, you'll end up with two holes in one of your artery.

It is important to also dispel a few myths that lead to 
1- Stake to the heart (or any pointy things) don't kill them. But it stops their heart from pumping blood, what gives them their ability. Another weak spot is the stomach where their reserve of blood is stored, pierce it and you cripple their abilities.
2- They don't turn to ashes so you've still got a body to dispose off. Because 1) Murder is a crime and "he was a vampire" is not a good excuse to law enforcement agents and  2) If it end up being autopsied the N.W.O will be on your trail.
3-Forget about garlic and crosses as weapons, they are of help in some situation but they won't get you around to kick ass.
4-It is the sun that they fear, not light, artificial light will do nothing to them. While moonlight is reflected sunlight, it is too weak to do anything beyond mild sunburns on full moon nights.
5-Being bitten doesn't hurt it's actually quite pleasureable. It is unsure if it's something in their saliva or something mystical that causes this. (Only bites causes this effect, other fluid transfer such as kiss or sexual contact doesn't.)

Reproduction - Ecology
As stated above, vampires do not infect people most of them must exsanguinate their victims to complete dryness (not necessarily by drinking) and then feed the victim their vampiric blood. About half a cup will do. It is impossible to replicate with stolen or stored blood, the feeding must be direct.

Drinking a vampire's blood while still having some in your veins result in what we call a black blood*. Someone who posses some power but must remain a sycophant to the vampire for monthly doses or become a vanilla human again.

*For Black bloods, see Near-humans cannibals chapter.


House Enoch, House of wanderers

I will freely admit this, I do not share Magnota's point of view. While I understand his own crusade, as a scholar I have meet and spoken with many vampires and a good part of them are friendly and good natured. All I ask is that you judge fairly if one has committed a crime.

Fatal feedings are rare occasion mostly committed by newly created vampires without the aid of an elder. The most mysterious of the vampire house which I encountered are those of house Enoch.

Every vampire family has it's tale of how they began. House Enoch claim that their forefather was the biblical Cain. Who after having slain his brother was cursed to never walk under god's light. IE: the sun. to fear the touch of fire and to wander eternally across the earth.

That is the center of their beings. What differentiate them from the other house is what they call "blood magic" the ability to use the life force in blood to create the effect of a spell.

Their weakness you ask? Travel. A Enochian vampire cannot remain in the same area without eventually withering into nothingness.

-J.J Donnar, necromancer and life mage

Sunlight: Enochian vampires will catch fire if exposed to direct sunlight.
Activity cycle: They must slumber during the day.
Feeding: Cannot feed on animal blood. 

(( From the books: Vincent Anderson))

House Lancea, House of the Spear

Lancea are like us hunter. Strong, courageous, devoted and organised. They aren't your average charming blood-sucker. They work in tightly knit groups that are used to work together. They ain't bad per say, but are very teritorial. So careful when dealing with them

I'm no good history man, but I sure research my enemy, you know. So you all know this story, Jesus is all cool and stuff until Romans nail him to a cross. Then one of 'em boys decide to just stab away with his spear at the poor man. 

Blood suposedly spill and paf! He's cursed and he became a vampire. Speaking of which, Nova did you ever find out if the messiah was a witch and stuff? I mean you were there right?

Anyway, good thing about those is that crosses and holy symbol will keep them away so long as you brandish them and you ain't attacking them. Another thing, holy water burn 'em like acid. So use that!

-Sharpshooter, Ex-marine, hunter

...I'm not even going to comment on your question Sharp... -Nova

Sunlight: Lancea vampires will burn under strong sunlight but can withstand very clouded condition for short period of times..
Activity cycle: They are weakened during the day and will usually slumber unless necessary.
Feeding: Cannot feed on animal blood.

(( From the books: John Jones))

House Tepes, House of the impaler

These are the guys most people think about when they think of vampire, Gothic or Victorian style, lot of charm and smooth talking. Like Dracula you know.

Which is the one they claim as their forefather. Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III Tepes himself. The guy who inspired the writing of the Dracula book.  

Tepes vampires can control the minds of other at various degrees depending on their age and dilution of their blood. (How far they are removed from the original)

All you need to know is this; The sun doesn't affect them so just run like hell unless you,re equipped properly. What is proper? You need a stake of apple wood that's been blessed that day by a priest. It's a bitch to get. Jam it right in their heart (Bring a hammer, the sternum isn't made of paper-maché.) -Anonymous

Sunlight: The Tepes are immune to the sun but under it's rays, they cannot use their powers.
Activity cycle: They function just as well in the day time than night time, but prefer the latter. They do not slumber but sleep like humans.
Feeding: Cannot feed on animal blood.

(( From the books: Alek, Reginvald, Vladimir))

 House Orlok

"What's there to say? Just kill these bastards! Beheading will do!"

...I'll take over, there's some conflict of interest here... Orloks are easy to spot in a crowd. Just look for the guy that's a perfect copy of count Orlok from Nosferatu. And yeah I have no Idea why they call themselves that, doesn't seem they had that name before. 

Just be careful, they can change into three other form, a colossal bat, a large black wolf and a red mist. The mist isn't affected by anything except sunlight. Otherwise, decapitation will do. They aren't sociable anyway.

Sunlight: Orloks burn under any form of sunlight.
Activity cycle: Slumber at night, generally in caves, cellars or buried underground.
Feeding: They can feed on animal blood but it is weaker than humans and is supposedly foul tasting.

New information about the Orloks have come to light, check the adjoined document.

(( From the books: None so far))

Jiang Shi

The most amazing traits of the Jiang Shi, is their weakness, no rule exist for them, but they all have one particular quirk. This is likely the source of the legends about garlic, not being able to cross running water, only being able to walk in cardinal directions.

The note worthy aspects of them is that they cannot turn anyone. Jiang Shi simply rises up from the grave. They also do not required to drink blood, any body contact will sap some life force away. 

They are quite hard to dispatch short of pulverisation. Some say you can kill them by staking them to their graves but that's assuming you know where it is... -J.J.

Sunlight: Varies by case
Activity cycle: Usually night
Feeding: Unknown

Jiang Shi are distant cousins to other kind of vampires and very little is known about them due to their singular nature.

(( From the books: None))


These, are the half-vampires. Before you ask, no vampires cannot have children. However, if a baby still in the womb (in the first 5 months) is affected by vampire blood (Generally via his mother) he will be born a dhampir. 

Dhampirs functions much like black bloods but they need not to drink blood from a vampire, their system creates a similar substance which they can use for the same reasons.

-J.J Donar

(( From the books: Nathan))

The End

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