Now, it's important not to be confused with shifters. Although many creatures can shape shift, it doesn't make them shifters. Here, we're going to talk about those who are true shape shifters and not simply magic users.

There are several categories I know of; Loup-Garou, Lycantropes, Skin Walkers.


Garou / Loup-Garou

Now, the first thing to consider is that although this part says Loup-garou (That is french for werewolf) is that not only wolf are Garou, many more animal species of garou exist.. The french terminology is used as to specify that they are of this particular breed of shifters.  -Tom

To understand those you call garou, you must understand where we come from. Unlike the common image, the garou are not infected but born from a garou parent. There are three kinds of garou; The animal-born, the human-born and the spirit-born.

Although we are one kind, we are also different and defined by the parent that birthed us. We may breed with our totem animal, humans and many kind of spirits. 

Those born of humans will spend their life normally until they awaken to their nature, usually around the beginning of adolescence. The human born are able to understand and feel the tides of cities, speak to the spirits that flows through it.

Those born of animals are deeply connected with nature and will awaken once they reach adulthood. 

Last are those like me, the spirit born. We are different than our brothers for we are born in the immaterial world that over lapse us. We are part of it and it is part of it. We form the bridge between the worlds. It is important to note that we may be born of spirits that are not of our totem animal.

Garou as a specie are guardians of nature and the spirit world. We seek to preserve the cycle of the immaterium. The world is alive, forests and cities have a life of their own and we are their keeper. 

There are many names we use for one another; Wulvar, Amarok and Waheela are examples of different clans of Loup-garou. Werecats have names like Balams, Grimaulkins and Bastets. 

There are many more species with garou-kins; spiders, bovines, lizards and ravens for examples. 

-Speak-with-shadows, spirit born Garou.

As a side note, killing garou is rather rude and pointless. They are friendly and cooperative so you really have no reason to go after most of them. But if it's absolutly nesesary, silver will prevent them from regenerating... -Nova


Where the Garou are benevolent beings, Lycans are the polar opposites. Lycans are a disease that transmit to their victims. Once the moon goes full, the hidden rage inside the infected forces them to change and hunt.

They are bestial, savage killers and will butcher their prey, often not even feeding but merely killing for fun. Lycans are almost always wolves or another predatory pack animal. Like their animal totem, they like to stay in pack and hunt like so.

Silver and wolfbane are your best friend against them. If they touch the flowers or extract, it will paralyze them. Silver will prevent them from changing form until it is removed. Although they don't regenerate, Lycans can survive an amazing amount of punishment and walk off fine, they will also heal very quickly, healing wounds in a few days without any medical help.


Skin walkers

Skin walkers are beings that although close to humans have developed into something much more dangerous. Their origin is muddy as many tales exist. Some say they are magicians who used dark arts to gain powers to shapeshift, some say they are a divergent evolution of humans, some say they are corrupted spirits from the otherworld.

But that doesn't matter. What does is that skin walkers are real and they are dangerous. Skin walkers have the ability to take the form of their victims as well as their memories. They could be anyone... ANYONE!

How to kill them? Only weapons or bullets coated in white ashes may wound them. Like lycans, they may survive quite a beating and heal quickly.

 -Tom, yes I do know things!



The End

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