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Not everything that lives in the shadows are friendly or intentionally malevolent toward humans, some just need to eat. Here, are the known creatures that feed upon humans to survive. No hard feelings, it's just a nessesity to them. -J.J. Donar


The most well known of the cannibalistic creatures are ghouls and Ghul. Althought the two are very closely related, they aren't quite the same. Ghouls themselves are most often harmless, feeding on carrion to survive. They are generally not extremely bright and sociable. They are however very strong and fast.

Their main weapons are their claws which dispense a paralyzing venom to their victims, most of which they just paralyze and leave there to 'sober up' Their saliva can transform others into ghoul but such a process is slow and can be fought with regular antibiotics.

Ghuls are what happen when a ghoul begins to eat live humans, slowly, they lose more and more of their humanity until they are nothing but monsters with powers to dominate others and an endless appetite for flesh.

Unlike ghouls, Ghul's venom is insanely painful and will cause damage to muscles as it make them spasm uncontrollably. Ghuls can turn others with their saliva once the body has been transformed completly via their venom.

Ghouls and Ghuls are vulnerable to fire.


Wendigos are dual nature entities that exist as both a monster and spirits. Born as body-less spirits, the wendigo pups will search for victims, often desperate people in the wilds, and torment them, tempting them into cannibalism.

Once a victim tastes his first bite of human flesh, the spirit will enter the man and progressively turn him into a white furred monster. The only way to 'Save' a man who has taken his first feast is to kill him. Those who haven't can be exorcised.

Full grown wendigo lives in remote locations in the wilds and will feed once every few years by kidnapping individuals.

Wendigoes can be killed with fire if full grown or any regular mean if not. They however tend to be quite resiliant. 


You are what you eat. That is a popular saying, some however take it very, very literally. BlackBloods are those who feed upon the blood of supernatural beings to gain some of their abilities. Vampires are known to use this to their advantage to gain minions.

Some Blackbloods however prefer using their powers to hunt their own meals. They can be hard to dispatch due to the wide range of possibilities of powers they may have stolen. They however gradually develop the weaknesses of their favored meals.

The name comes from the fact that their blood takes on odd colors and consistencies. Generally black when they feed from vampires and fallens, pinkish red when they feed from faes.


As a species, Rugaru (also known as Rougarou) have it hard. Some what like the stereotypical werewolves, Rugaru awakens their true nature once in a while where they must feed upon flesh to survive. 

However, feeding from the life force of others has granted several powers to Rugaru, such as limited forms of magick. Rugaru are born this way and awaken in mid to late teenage.

 Some rugaru, ashamed of their nature have decided to try repenting themselves by using their powers to help the communities they live in and will attempt to feed exclusively on criminals and people they see as evil.

While in their hunger phases, Rugaru are extremely resilient and will not feel pain. They also heal much more quickly, repairing shallow cuts within minutes and broken bones in a day or so. While dormant they are regular joes but may awaken if severely wounded.


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