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Although it may seem odd to include men and women into this book, it is intended not only for the sons and daughters of Adam. This chapter is included so that all may understand those who stalk the darkness.

There are three types of man and woman who rise up to defend the world they know; The first are the Hunters, the second are the Inquisitors and third are the Mirror-shades. -Tom

Demon Hunters

Although anyone can hunt the evil that prey upon the world, the term demon hunter is formally used to refer to common men and women who rise up to the challenge and fight back against the tide of darkness.

Although they lack any powers, they make up for it in weapons and skill, after all, there are two types of hunters; the good one and the dead ones. Just about nine potential hunter out of ten do not survive their first day on the job. Those that do are either dangerous or incredibly lucky. Or both.

Another particularity of demon hunters is that they are not part of any organisation but are free agents. (See mirror shades for government and agency goons.) 

Any supernatural being with a bit of intelligence knows not to underestimate hunters, after all, they've survived against all odds.


On the opposite side from hunters are Inquisitors. They are a relatively new phenomenon, appearing only since the late 20th century. Inquisitors are known for their innate abilities bestowed upon them by unknown entities.

They are able to sense supernatural beings and phenomenon from a distance, are immune to all form of mental manipulation and illusions. Some have even shown abilities such as fire manipulation, materialization of weapons and limited teleportation.

Inquisitors tend to be idealistic men and women with strong sense of right and wrong and even stronger personalities. They also tend to be quite indiscriminate in their hunt.


We've all heard of them, the men in blacks working for the government or a shadow organisation. The bad news is; They are real. The good news; They're not complete asshole but rather devoted to the safety of mankind.

Which bears one problem, if you aren't "normal" you should be purged from existence. This is how the New World Order functions. They've had many names all through history  but in the end, they are the same group with one goal; Complete control.

Their objective in itself is noble, perfect sciences, keep humanity the master of it's own destiny and enforce global peace but what they are ready to do to achieve it goes far beyond rationality.

The most fearsome words one could ever hear are: Welcome to room 101...



The End

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