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(This is a registery of known being within the Nera-verse as I call it, lacking any other name presently. This will be a collection of notes, diaries and other such things.)
This book has been floating on the Internet. Some claims it to be fiction, other the rambling of a nutjob. The crackpots, the paranoids and the hunters however swears it as their bible...


Nova says it's not a good Idea. That I shouldn't keep written evidences. That we can't allow this to fall into the enemy's hand. But I don't know...

There I am, growing old and wounded while she remains as young as when I met her. Tomorrow, I turn 50. Before people mistook us as a couple but now, we're like father and daughter.

Ah nova... Strongest girl. No, strongest person, I've ever met... We've been together for 25 years and yet I still don't know her name. Nova is how she call herself. I don't even know what relation we have. There's been things. Then there wasn't. Then it was back again. I don't know anymore what to think.

Now, I old. Too old for this. I wrote this without her knowledge, it's important to leave something for the future generations.

There's a war raging but that is nothing compared to what hides in darkness... When I became what I am, I received a message.

                                                DON'T LOOK BACK

Maybe I should've listened. But then, they would be dead, all those we helped. Who ever reads this, know that you will never sleep in the dark anymore...

-A self called Tom o' Bedlam
London 1942 AD


(Written in cursive with a clearly dexterious hand)

Tom taught he could keep this way from me.

That prospect didn't work out as he found out.

After a massive asskicking for doing this behind my back and some lame excuses, I caved in and agreed to help him. Not that i now think this is a good idea, but it's not like we can just get this printed and distributed. Mirrorshades would be on our asses.

So whatever. I've got a few more people to provide commentaries. To everyone who could not possibly reading this, enjoy.



Editor's note:
Guess she was wrong.

-JC Lincoln

The End

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