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As someone who likes his 70′s and 80′s rock, from pink floyd right up to AC/DC, I’ve spent the last few years wishing I was born or could travel back in time for that era. Just imagine reading in a magazine that The Clash have just released a new album. You collect your spare change and run down to the record store and pick up a good old Vinyl record with it’s huge cover art and run back home to hear it. I know things will never get back to that thanks to the advent of the interweb but it’s the music that more important to me and even more so, the culture and attitude of the time.

These days we know everything about everyone whether we like it or not. If you’re a musician these days you can’t so much as breathe without a photo being taken of you and an article being written about a rumour you didn’t even know about. Wind back the clock 30/40 years and you get most of the news through music magazines, waiting with baited breathe to see what crazy antics The Who were getting up too. Back then you had a little privacy but then you also had a certain mystique and an ultimate “cool” factor which you just can’t do these days. Take the recent example of Axl Rose refusing to turn up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week, these days it’s not massive news, back then on the other hand it would have been considered an “out there” point to the man.

Which brings me nicely on to the point of attitude. Record labels these days tell bands to create one good single so it can be played everywhere and get in to peoples minds regardless if the band is capable of any other good material. Music used to be about making you feel something. Whether it be a rebellious sticking it to the man kind of thing or a deep emotion connection that you can feel at one with. It’s something that you can’t put in to words but I’m sure at least 80% of people know what I’m on about here. Rock ‘n’ Roll used to be the one place politics and money making can’t touch.

So in the last decade we’ve seen a huge rock-indie movement through an RnB and more recently a remix era, so the way I see it, looking at a few fledgling bands, Rock ‘N’ Roll may be on it’s way back. Especially now that the Guitar Hero and Rock Band studios are moving to use the concept to actually teach people guitar. How cool is that?!? We are going through difficult time as a nation and as a world at the moment, just the right sort of society to rebel, as we saw in London last Summer, but do it through music. Watch for the return of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

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