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My views on the build up to the Olympics this year in London.

In case you’ve been living on another planet or perhaps in a padded cell for the past three years you’ll know that the London 2012 Olympics is now just a few months away. Here in London you can’t so much as open your eyes without being reminded of it in some way. Whether it be advertisers sponsoring it, news features every thirty seconds or the occasional overly happy PE teacher. But here’s the thing; being British we have a certain melancholy and expectation that anything in or happens in this country is, in the words of Al Murray, “going to be a bit $h!t”.

Let’s take the Opening Ceremony, the budget for which has been recently increased despite major cuts in other areas of the British economy. After what the Chinese managed to achieve what ever we do cannot possible live up to it despite what Borris Johnson (Mayor of London) seems to think. I’m still not sure exactly how it’s going to look but it has been pitched as conveying what core British-ness really is. So high prices, cricket greens and a slight underlying racism. Is that really what we want to be saying? So maybe they’ve gone the other way and done the bit about how we’re so multicultural and trust me, you’ll be sick of that word by the end of the summer.

Then you’ve got to remember a lot of Londoners aren’t actually going to the game, but will instead have to be doing their normal commute in all the extra traffic and people. Most would go to the games if they could but they can’t affords to pay £6 million to watch the mens volleyball. Or £12 million to watch the mens 100m final. All that money on a ticket gone in 10 seconds. Of course the Government loves it. It’s make Britain to the rest of the world look great and they get many many millions in tourism revenue but then again can anyone remember a time when the Government actually reflected what Britain wanted?

So what would I do? Well seen as we have the games then we better put everyhing we have into making it an amazing show and being completly obsurd which will make the rest of the world go wow and make most of Britain laugh and show we have a sense of humour, which we do, the best in the world infact. I, much like Jeremy Clarkson, what to see a lead guitarist (say Slash) strapped to the back of a big  Jaguar sports car, with fire coming out the exhaust, powersliding round the running track whilst the guitarist melts people ears on the fretboard. Just a suggestion you know.

Oh, while I’m here another suggestion to whoever’s in charge. In order to make a big event like this a success you need to make it ‘cool’. To do that you really need to stop ramming it down our throats. It’s been a long time coming so expectations are high and probably won’t be lived up to. So please let us decide if we want to get involed with the whole scene or not

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