Blindfolded Notes


Notes to revise "Blindfolded"

- Remove Bryon chapters except for prologue.

Sarah Bio:

Appearance: Green eyes, black hair.

Behavior: Quiet. Jumpy. When she does speak, she's worth listening to - what she has to say means something. Schizophrenic.*

Family: Father is abusive, a drunk. Mother is kind but not strong enough to fight husband. Father beats Sarah.

*Illness: Schizophrenia

Difficult to:

  • Tell the difference between real and unreal events
  • Think logically
  • Normal emotional responses
  • Behave normally when social


-Lack of emotion


-Unrelated "jump" thinking between topics

-Social isolation



-Slow movements



Bryon Bio:

Appearance: Blue eyes (blind), blonde hair, sandy blonde.

Behavior: Chatty, funny, has several interests including ghosts (supernatural) and dragons (fantasy). He is very religious (Christian).

ROUGH PLOT: (Sarah's perspective)

  • Bryon and Sarah meet
  • Relationships form
  • Things get bad at home (Sarah)
  • Father kills mother
  • No funeral
  • Sarah runs away
  • Father finds her
  • Bryon helpless to stop him
  • Sarah sent to asylum
  • Bryon sets out to rescue her






The End

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