Bleed My Heart OutMature

These are song lyrics. I have trouble sleeping, mostly because I can't stop thinking. So this morning I was laying in bed thinking of these lyrics, and how if it were a song it would fit my mood so well.

You left me.

You watched me bleed.

You saw my pain,

And you left me and my misery, taking all of that dead hope with you,

All that lost hope, I'd instilled in you, it left with you,(hold it out)

(hard guitar strumming)

(loud)You watch me scream my heart out,

(loud)You watch me cry my heart out,

(loud)You watch me bleed my heart out, pour my heart out,

And you turn around and leave!

(guitar, then stops, music a little quieter)

I gave you my world, wore my heart, on my sleeve, gave you everything, I wanted, everything I needed,

And you leave me. . . .  you leave me . . . .  you leave me.

Why can nobody understand?

(lower)  My depression.

(louder)  Why does no one want to help?  With my depression.

(louder)  Why is it they watch me, knife in my hand, blood on my wrist, and leave?!?!(guitar strum for every ? and ! there)

(back to an angry tone, music back full force)You watch me scream my heart out,

Bleed my heart out,

Tear my heart out,

Take what I gave you, my world, that I gave you, and leave!!!!  (guitar strums on the !)

I walk in the streets, empty and blind, and no one wants to care.

I gave you my world, my life, and hoped that you would want to share,

So that you could make me smile, make me happy, help me work past . . . .

(softer, the music gets a little quieter again) My depression.

(still soft)  You watched me bleed,

(background)My heart out, you watched me bleed, bleed my heart out,

(still soft)You watched me cry.

(background) My eyes out, crying my eyes out, and feeling like I'd been left to die,

(still soft)You watched me scream,

(background)My lungs out, tearing at them, breaking my voice so much it hurt to whisper,

(still soft)I gave you my heart on my sleeve.

(slowly gets louder)And you turn around and leave?!?! (guitar strums per ! and ?)

No one can understand,

My depression,

Nobody sees,

My oppression.

Nobody cares,

About my emotions.  They watch me cry, they watch me scream, they watch me bleed,

And no one gives a damn thing(hold it out)

I'm left to bleed, I'm left to cry, I'm left to scream,

And you do nothing.

You do nothing.

You do nothing.

I gave you my life, and you took it away,

Leaving an empty shell with a knife to make it bleed.

You did nothing.

But leave.

The End

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