This is the story of what I consider my summer.
The story of a freshly sweet sixteen girl who deals with sex, drugs, alcohol, and struggles to keep her friendships as strong as possible so she loses no one in the end

Break it down. Pick out the seeds and stems. Roll it.

Sixteen isn't old enough to buy rolling papers or Swishers. Find a bible.

Fuck, I'm going to hell. Twelve years of Catholic education have brought me to this point. Using a bible to roll a joint.

First time on our own. Own weed, own rolling. Doesn't fucking work.

Listening close for my parents.  Take a hit. Breathe deep. Inhale.

I feel it rising through my chest. Lightness, tickling, bliss. Doesn't last. Puff, puff pass.

Joint doesn't work. Grab a can. 

It's bad for you. Breathing it in. Who cares. 

Poke the holes. Light it. Breathe.

Inhale, hold, exhale. Start coughing. Big hit.

It's coming. The fuzzy feeling. The tingling in the spine. The burn at the back of my throat. 

Concentrate. One person talk at a time.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. 

One more hit. Two more. One more. Blazed.

The End

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