Black Zephyr: The Villains of Morrow CityMature

Not far from Gotham City, in a neighboring and equally dark and depressing metropolis, a lone, amazingly-dressed homo (and local advice columnist) takes on the responsibility of stopping crime in its tracks. These are some brief notes on a few of his adversaries.

Being the huge Batman fan that I, my nerdy ass self, am, I am pitching the idea of a new comic book series titled after what I hope one day becomes DC's first openly homosexual superhero with their own comic (in their Earth One universe or whatever. I don't really follow many other comics other than the Batman ones. That multiverse shit is crazy.) Black Zephyr- or just "Zeph"- winds up hunting down one of the Joker's anarchist followers to Gotham City and winds up befriending Batman, after originally desiring to become one of his proteges. 

But irregardless (Mean Girls reference anybody? Apparently spell-check was designed by the Wieners' family along with Toaster Streudel...) I have some fabulous ideas for the villains of Morrow City ranging from the standard, methed-out gangster type, to egomaniacal zealot, to homicidal hooker, and finally, to (my personal favorite) flame-throwing drag queen (literally, a flaming homosexual.)

Here's a list and brief overview of just a handful of said villains:

Bernard Winchester, “Killjoy”- An amphetamine-abusing, anarchistic, gang leader and a cultist-like follower of the Joker who is responsible for a rash of disorganized but successful bank robberies as well as the commandeering of a handful of armored vehicles. He is quickly gaining a reputation for being a rash, though efficient, gangster and his crew is certainly not to be trifled with.

Hal Hattaras, “The Hangman”- The hatemongering leader of a white supremacist syndicate who is trying to incite a race war within the city. He is the heir to one of the Irish mob’s largest family fortunes, but is generally looked down upon by his elders for his brash and outlandish ideologies. Hal Hattaras’ brother Doug is a detective for the Morrow Police Department, and he frequently covers-up his brother’s misdeeds.

Roger Valentine, “Incubus”- A delusional man who believes he is possessed by a demon that forces him to seduce and kill both men and women… and his bedpost is chock-full of notches. He wears frighteningly colored contacts to further his fantastical delusions, as well as for dramatic effect.

Tiffany Flanders, “Princess T”- The psychotic, blue-haired daughter of an Irish-mob head who has an affinity for shiny jewels and big guns. She plans on gaining enough territory to run both her family as well as her competition out of the city and is quickly acquiring the manpower to do so. Her grill is made from six-karat blood diamonds, which she had personally smuggled in from her suppliers in Western Africa.

Ariel Scarlet, “The Scarlet Letter Opener”- A murderous former call-girl branded by the media as the “Scarlet Letter Opener” (due to her rather bloody modus operandi) who targets high-profile executives and exposes their indecencies to the public. She was once brutally victimized by one of her clients, and now wears her battle-scars as a justification for her violent acts.

Dante Ignacio, “Miss Fire” (say it like one word)- A flame-throwing drag queen who is hunting down the members of the Hangman’s Noose as retribution for their involvement at the Laramie Lounge, which had recently become the victim of arson, killing all who were trapped inside. She infiltrated one of the Hangman’s arsenal-warehouses, and burned it to the ground with one of his own weapons (irony?) which she now uses to exact her revenge. Though Zephyr and Miss Fire frequently find themselves fighting the same enemy, he does not approve of her murderous ways.

Honestly, I have like twenty more villains made up for this (I just didn't want to overwhelm anybody) as well as an interesting back-story for the main character who unfortunately makes a habit out of falling for many of the villains. Strangely enough, most of my main characters make poor choices relationship-wise (I can't imagine why.) But anyway, let me know what you think of these characters and if they would entice a normal (or rather, heterosexual) consumer into reading in spite of having a homosexual lead.

The End

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