It's right before the happy marriages in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Twisting Helena's love once again; it's about who Helena ACTUALLY loved.



  What a jolly day is it, fairies? Thou speak’st aright. I am that merry wanderer of the night. Hey there, listen to me. I talk of jokes to Oberon and make him smile! I trick young lovers who are already blinded.

  Once, I put some potion, making a man fall in love with a wrong woman. And that unfortunate victim of my trick is Demetrius, ha! (Looking around, hearing something) Oh, by the names of Oberon and Titania, today is the day for three blessed marriages! Hippolyta with Theseus, Hermia with Lysander, and lovesick Helena with Demetrius. So, let us all be invited to Helena’s room and watch what happens there, in the morning of the blessed marriages. (Runs through the tables, inspecting)

 *Puck hides behind the desks, Helena appears from where Puck is hiding. Hermia nocks and greeted by Helena*


  (Nervous and excited voice) Hermia, you have come! (In a natural smile and gestures, relaxed) My dearest friend, Hermia, we are truly blessed to marry our true lovers on this nice day. Aren’t we?


  Of course we are, lovely Helena. (In a daydreaming voice) You remember how Lysander and I were thwarted for the fate of our love? Now my dearest Lysander and I are to be tied together with eternal love!


  Yes, Hermia. (Smiling, holding her hands) You must be really happy and so am I.


  (Waving her hands) Oh, Helena it’s almost the time! Meet you at the wedding hall, see you.

 *Hermia goes away*

 -Childhood Innocence?-


  (Moving a few steps toward where Hermia has gone away, stops and then stares) Hermia, wait! She is gone, for now. I had to say something to her. But it would be just fine if I speak to myself of what I planned on saying. That is actually better, since there is no chance of hurting her feelings on our blessed wedding day. So, Hermia., let’s say you are standing right in front of me to hear my little confessions. (Sits on a chair)

  (Looking at the ring she was wearing) Do you remember how we became best friends, each other’s shadows? We were of equal age, both lovely as our parents often said. We had learned the ABCs from the same teachers, and so friendship came to both of us. You and I, Hermia, became the best of all friends there have ever been.

  All the talks we’ve had together, the vows we made to be like sisters, all the hours we spent together. And wishing, that we never had to say goodbye. (Looks up at the ceiling) I wish you have not forgotten those and will not forget. We sat together and sewn one flower with our two needles. Both warbling of one song, both in one key. As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds, had been incorporated.

  Yes, we grew together. I hope we don’t ever forget those schooldays, our childhood innocence even after our blessed marriages.

  (Putting back the ring on the other hand) But, there is one thing you haven’t got any notice of. That wild and lawless feeling of mine which grew and grew as we grew together. O, how monstrous it had made me. It was, it was the unheard feeling.


  I would stare at you longingly as you sew those pretty flowers on your cushions. Your nymph-like, adorable fingers that moved so cutely. And on your concentrating face, there appeared your golden smile. Your eyes like sparkling stars at night, your voice more musical than a nightingale’s song is to lovers in the early morning. Your subtle, friendly touch on my back would make me tremble. I would have given anything in this world up, even my soul to get a single kiss from your cherry lips. No, I didn’t dare wish that much. I’d loved to be your dog, your servant if you only would seldom look at my hideous face. I would have followed you and make a heaven of hell. Because hell is when I’m not with you and heaven is when I’m with you.

(Stands up suddenly)

  What am I talking about? Oh, good Hermia, please forgive me for talking of nonsense. Although I have been always astounded by your beauty and virtue, I do not ‘love’ you like Lysander. You are my best friend, and that’s all I’m talking about here. 


 -The Truth-


  But if you ask me if I love Demetrius more than I love you, I wouldn’t be able to tell you a comfortable lie. (Holding her wedding veil in her hands, with despair) When you and Lysander told me that you two were running away to get married, I told Demetrius and followed him not because I loved him so much. It was only because I wanted to follow you. I wanted to see you happily married with Lysander at last to stop my heart from beating any faster for you.

  To stop my heart from longing for you, waiting on you to come in. For you who are madly in love with Lysander, the handsome prince charming. But not with me, the female, best friend of yours.

  (Laying the veil beside her, holds her left hand up to show her ring.) Do you, lovely Hermia, remember this ring? (Stands up, walking towards the people) You gave me when we were twelve as a token of everlasting friendship. Hermia, you told me to be right beside you, be your loving sister and an advisor. But I took it as a token of my one-sided love. The token of my mad love for you.

  I am guilty of my wrong feelings, and therefore have to be punished before marriage. (Pulls out the ring and throwing it on the floor) I have to see you only as my friend, not only on the outside, but on the inside too.

  See you, my Hermia. I hope we will meet again after the marriage.

 *Helena wears the veil and calmly goes out the door to the wedding. When she is gone, Puck comes out.*


  So she loved Hermia. Has the blind Cupid gone crazy finally? How touching but unacceptable, don’t you think? It’s amazing how she has been blinded by Cupid! Look at what she has done. She threw away that precious ring! I think I might use my leftover love potion to make Helena love Demetrius. And not be blinded by her love for a girl. Better cover the truth with fantastic lies!

  If we shadows have offended, with Helena’s love, think but this, and all is mended. That you have but slumbered here while those feelings did appear. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get upset with me. We’ll make it up to you soon. So good night unto you all. Give me applause, if we be friends.

 And Robin shall restore amends.


The End

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