Bitter sweet

My foot confidently sliced through the delicate surface of the water. A smile on my face, I slowly moved deeper into the clear moonlit elegant liquid. The cold no longer bit into my skin, my body numbed to the surrounding elements. This was neither the beginning nor the end; it was a mere obstacle which lay in my path.  My legs weaved through the plant strewn ground, getting deeper my fate was impending. My pale blue eyes half submerged the surface of the water as the icy chill bit into my lip, but it was soon gone, gone as was my dignity, gratitude and sensitivity which were left behind the vessel I was slowly parting. So deeply lost in my own loneliness with no means of escape. My cries heard by no one, nothing, beyond the scope of my own tears. But I am okay, okay as always, the thoughts I feel sinking deeper into my skin, my icy cold skin. The crown of my head surfaced on the shimmering blanket, the sounds were dulled, and my thoughts were calmed. My sadness was silenced and my mind relaxed. Tomorrow will bring hope, a new beginning, and a smooth surface of my newly formed relapse. My mind and spirit will be free, boundaries disappeared. The bitter sweetness of the lake consuming the impurities from my body, the acid from my heart and the thoughts from my head.  This is where they can’t hurt me; I am myself now, the sadness bouncing off the surface of the water as I was beneath its parental protection. Concentric circles emanating above my rippling hair, the last breaths of impure air exiting my body. The water is my new found friend, the helping hand from the troubles, emotions and pain I am leaving behind. The pain was forgotten, and the memories washed away. The water filled my lungs and refreshed my insides, the pressure lifted off my heart. The deepening troubles cleaned from my skin. Light reflected through the shimmering surface illuminating my blank white eyes; I was gone before sunrise.

The End

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