Sick of the taste--Consumerist waste,

A mask upon your face--A petty rat-race,


Feasting on chemicals,

Injecting brain cells,

Do you dare?--Stimulants aflare.

Where is the will?--Pushing the pill.


Manufactured fun,

Mind-washed and stunned,

Do you think it's funny?

Choking on your money.


The clock gently ticks,

Wait for your next fix.

Ditch dignity, continue to pay,

It's a game you play.


Place a dollar on your heart,

Wait two seconds, then press start,

Happiness by the dozen,

Doesn't matter if you're frozen.


What happened to love?

Love can never die,

It can only hide,

Away from the lies,

Open your bloody eyes,

There never was a prize.


Stop your stalling,

Your standards falling,

You've waited too long,

And the dreams are gone,

Consumed by desire,

You've misplaced the fire,

Your mind burns,

Your heart turns,

Hides its face,

Your love gone to waste...

The End

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