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Just my mind telling it's story :)

Today I talked to a little girl who is in a younger grade at my school. Her name is Mya and she has cancer. She is such a sweet little girl, and reminds me of myself.

I never knew her till this year, but I’m glad I do. She likes to talk, and joke :) Just everything about her is upbeat, but it’s not.

I was shocked when I answered the facetime call. Her long blonde hair was gone. Just a bit was left. I wanted to cry, she is so pretty. Not that she isn’t know, but it’s sad. She’s eight years old, no eight year needs that. Nobody does.

I also talked to one of Mya’s close friends. She told me something that I dare not ask Mya myself.

She told me she has a fifty fifty chance. At that moment, I felt like bawling. The child is for God’s sakes! SHE CAN’T HAVE A FIFTY FIFTY CHANCE! It’s not right, not ethical! Nothing can happened to the baby, if it did, I don’t know. She’s a baby, not a old women on deaths bed.

Mya and I are becoming close. She talked to my family on Facetime, with my Mother giving me looks of being sad. I could understand.

But my little brother, who is three, talked to her. He was so innocent, and so cute. He didn’t understand what was wrong with the little girl, which made me smile. Why can he by so accepting, but us older people not?

I love you Mya Nicole :)

The End

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