I think I want to admire,

My best friends starting from now,

The ones who to my life, add fire,

And I don't ask when they entered my life, but how.


She is my contrary,

The peace in my turmoil,

My memories are brought with weary

As I remember the plans that we tried to foil.

She acts on her utmost desires,

Ignores the denies of life,

She ignores the world's liars,

And in my back she will never put a knife.


She has a crazy laugh,

Did not care if I had a cold,

Always against life, she acts tough,

Her heart I would always like to hold.

She is one of those people I would never,

Drop from my life if I could,

One of the best discoveries I have made, ever,

And to be her friend forever, I would.


She hangs her head low,

while drawing on paper so white,

Her fingers outline the marks that flow,

the pencil shows all she wants to smite.

If this girl knew her role,

Her affect on my life yet to unfold,

She wouldn't believe a soul

Even if by everyone, she was told.


Don't let appearances fool you,

Her love for things foreign is addicting,

She will make you smile too--

Her words may be inflicting,

But If you know her your fine,

She has a strong personality,

She always follows the line

Walking the shakiness of life, Staying on reality.


I wrote this as a guessing game,

I put it on my facebook wall,

I know some will find it lame,

But to test them to see who they are, I shall.

The End

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