You're Welcome

I wish that I could claim even half your knowledge Eric. I often feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark searching for a torch when I know for a fact the batteries are dead.

I completely agree about insecurity - although I'd hesitate to say this was true of everyone. I myself chose to be anonymous on this site. I'm still not sure why, and it has negative consequences as well as positive ones. Is this insecurity? Did I choose to not be me because I don't like myself? Maybe. Maybe I'm dissatisfied. Maybe it's because I don't think I'm important in this context. Knowledge of the writer gets in the way of the writing. I hoped it would allow anyone reading a better chance of true objectivity - which is very difficult to attain if you know and like the author, or know and dislike them. (Why most of your friends will only tell you 'this is great' when they really mean 'this stinks'. Hold on to the ones who give the unvarnished truth!)

You can judge for yourselves if this experiment in deliberate anonymity - rather than the creation of an invented character - works or not. I think some people find it mildly irritating.

Writing and reading go hand in hand. A story is not a story until it's shared, until it's read and understood by someone else.

Still it's filtered information, diluted by the grammar, structure and form of a language, separated in distance and time from the reader who can only ever access it second-hand, limited by their own experience and subjectivity.

It's not mind-reading. It's confined and constricted by the process of writing itself. Of trying to condense an idea, an emotion or a event into something so structured it struggles to encompass everything you can think - translating something without words into something that everyone can grasp.

Or possibly I struggle with this and everyone else finds it laughably simple.

I suppose we're looking for understanding and acceptance. To come as close as we can to a meeting of minds in the hope that others will approve what we think, make our fears normal, our struggle universal, our dreams shared.

That's all,



The End

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