This is what it felt like when I was stabbed in the back. Ranting again.

Glass. Feel it crunch under your feet, piercing the fragile flesh encasing your body. Feel the crimson blood flow from the wound, creating a lake with no reflection.

Tears. They fill up the eyes, blurring perfect vision into mere distortions. Salty and warm, spilling from your body, slipping over the smooth skin, ruining the makeup you spent all day perfecting.

Leave. Run until you can run no longer, until the pain in your side forces you down. Hear those stitches rip open, those beads spill on the ground, the white satin stained with dirt and blood.

Betrayal. I feel it. Inside me, squirming, reaching out to my heart. Creating empty holes in my chest. Nothing but pain - the numb feeling of shock has vanished.

Why did you do it?

The End

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