Best ways to kill your story characterMature

writing a story where someone dies and you just can't figure out the right kind of death for them? here you can find all kinds of death scenes from dramatic to comical, and from subtle to crazy fight sequences. no matter what your story is about, there's sure to be a good death scene here!


1.  [Character 1] walked down a long, winding road alone. [He/She] jumped for [he/she] thought [he/she] heard someone lurking in the bushes.  [Character 1] saw something ahead.  A black hooded figure stood beyond merely fifteen feet away, on a bridge.  [He/she] slowly walked toward the mysterious figure.  The hooded person was now holding something, a daggar, that glistened in the [sunlight/moonlight].  The daggar was covered in blood.  Tiney ruby droplets fell down into the river.  [Character 1] instinctivley turned to run, but a man [or woman] who had been following [him/her] there stabbed [him/her].    [Character 1] fell to [his/her] knees and uttered these final words, "A trap-" before collapsing to the ground.

The End

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